Orchestrated and produced by Pepperkayn: The Orchestral Engine.
Featuring the vocal talents of Rodney Earl Clarke and Hannah Pedley.
Vocals recorded at Cafe Music Studios, London.

This orchestrated version of The Chain is dedicated to Mick Fleetwood and the late great Peter Green (co-founder of Fleetwod Mac). Thank you for your music and inspiration (1946-2020).

The Chain

A 4-part EP inspired by the magnificent lunar-like surface of Lanzarote.

00:00 :: Montañas del Fuego (Mountains of Fire). After taking the coach tour of the vast dead land of the Timanfaya National Park, I was inspired.

05:36 ::Caldera Blanca (White Cauldron). Inspired by the peaceful looking Caldera Blanca volcano that sits within the Timanfaya National Park.

10:07 :: Las Laderas (the Slopes). The sight of The Slopes as they appeared through the haze of the rough sea as I drove north on LZ402 towards Playa de Famara inspired this peice. This was one of the most awe-inspiring things I have ever seen.

14:57 :: El Golfo (the Gulf). The sheer violence of the sea, the strong winds and the black sands on this part of the coast inspired the music of El Golfo. The wind and wave sounds were recorded here, as were the footsteps of myself heading back to the car after being soaked by a rogue wave whilst attempting to record the sound of the sea.

Tierra de la Luna (Land of the Moon)

The epic Roland TR-808 is undoubtedly one of the most influential instruments ever produced. The challenge for 'Beautiful Machine' was to produce a track featuring sounds predominantly from the 808 drum machine.

Beautiful Machine - "I love my 808"

This track contains sounds of a very sexual nature so is not for the easily offended. You HAVE been warned.

Inspired and influenced by French Kiss by Lil Louis, Relax by Frankie Goes to Hollywood, and Rich in Paradise by the FPI Project.

The Animal

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The Orchestral Engine

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Creating music for over three decades, Pepperkayn has worked in studios and with many incredibly talented artists from around the world, and this is what has shaped the music he produces.

With his uniquely cinematic progressive sound created from often merging orchestra and opera with synthesizers and intense drums and rhythms, Pepperkayn as a composer sits in a genre of his own.

The attack on the United States of America begins.

November 2021

This track was originally written and produced by Holly Husler and recorded at Wood Lodge Studios then reproduced and orchestrated by Pepperkayn.

Moment with the Sun

Inspired by the idea that we all live under a permanent blanket of cloud and once every fifty years tens of thousands of people gather at one site to witness the break in the clouds which reveals the blue sky and the opportunity to 'feel' the sun, even though the break only lasts a few minutes. The event is known as The Evening Fields.

The Evening Fields

Inspired by the events and protests in Hong Kong surrounding a very controversial extradition bill. The protesters were not the real aggressor.

The Aggressor

00:00 :: water        05:20 :: earth        10:30 :: fire        15:00 :: air

A 4-part EP inspired by the natural sounds, harsh weather and beautiful surroundings of 'Maciejewka', Poland.

Elements was written and produced on location in Poland and UK over the course of three days. All ambient sounds were recorded on location in Poland. Special thanks to Maciek and Ewa.